Posted in January 2013

Break Down

This is my favorite quote/picture I have found so far that describes exactly how I feel. This is only getting harder with each day that passes and I feel as though I am becoming an emotional wreck all though most of you who see me on a regular basis wouldn’t be able to tell. I … Continue reading

Isnt it ironic?

Warning! This is going to be a bitch and complain kind of post. I try to keep positive but sometimes I think it’s okay for me to complain bitch a little. right? As I have talked about in my previous post, lately everything around me has had to do with babies. I find my self rolling my … Continue reading


I feel as though I have grown so much in this process already. I already had tough skin, but this is definitely making me tougher and at the same time more humble. I already feel great things coming from this struggle, of course I’d rather not have to be going through this but I am trying … Continue reading


I love this. A reminder of why I am keeping up with all of my thoughts and emotions.  One day Mark and I will have a bigger story to tell then the one we have written so far. This story will include a child, hopefully more than one and these children will be the center … Continue reading


I keep telling myself that over and over again. Last night was rough, I barely slept and when I was, I was dreaming about babies. I started to think about all of the women out there who have been told they CANT have children and feel guilty/selfish for how I feel. I know that right now … Continue reading

I wish I was cold as stone….

Well after a completely crappy day, I just received “the call” I had been waiting for but at the same time dreading.I didn’t recognize the number and I definitely was not in the mood to talk to anyone so I hit ignore. I checked the voice mail and it was the Doctor, and my heart sank because I already knew what she was … Continue reading

Things that never cross a man’s mind.

I got the title of this post from Kellie Picklers song “Things that never cross a mans mind.” This song always made me laugh and reminded me of Mark and I, I think it may have been written for us! He is such a “man” when it comes to certain things. I am starting to realize that struggling to … Continue reading


I actually have been looking forward to writing this next post. I guess know I understand why people do this. Now I can take out my feelings here instead of on my husband(haha). I actually published the first blog I wrote today, although I wrote it a few days ago. I have decided I will keep … Continue reading