I asked for a sign and I sure did get one…

I actually wrote this post on Thursday, Jan 31st but didn’t publish it until tonight..

So I think I got my sign that I asked for yesterday.. this is so crazy! God is so good!!

I am a complete wreck right now. I caved in this morning and took a test, I couldn’t help it, it has been well over a week since my period was supposed to start so I did it. I did it and this is the result I got….


Excuse my language, but WHAT THE @#$%!!! REALLY?….no really? What kind of result is this? I almost passed out when I saw it and then every emotion ran through me, but to be honest, I still don’t believe it. If I hadn’t had my progesterone levels check and if they weren’t so low I think I would be convinced right now that I was, but I just don’t want to get excited. Not gonna lie, part of me is SO excited…I’ve read online that if there is a line, its positive. The line is actually darker than it appears on the picture, but still not as bold as the other line. Every other pregnancy test  I have taken has only had one single line. I really wish I had taken a digital one, but I just happened to have these  first response tests and of course I would get this kind of result. According to the instructions on this test, and the internet I am pregnant. I called the doctor and now I’m just waiting on her to call me back. I really don’t know how I am sitting here at work, remaining calm at least I appear to be, but I’m not. I AM FREAKING OUT!! I also did not tell Mark this morning, I wanted to SO SO bad but if I am indeed pregnant, I want to surprise him, and I also didn’t want to get his hopes up if this turns out to be a false test. I don’t keep anything from Mark so this morning was really hard for me. I was even late for work because I kept staring at the test making sure I wasnt crazy.

Ok, so the nurse just called me and I am going in at 2pm to confirm. I cannot believe this is happening, This is either going to be the happiest day of my life or one of the worst. Maybe this is my sign that I asked for yesterday. I hope and pray it is good news. Fingers Crossed!!

Until Next Time..



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