Say it isn’t so!

So I havent posted in a couple of days because honestly I have been in complete shock. I think I have felt every emotion we have as human beings in the last few days and I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot to take in.

Well…I’m pregnant yall!! It’s crazy how in one month I have thought I was never going to have children and then ending up pregnant!! I have never felt more blessed/lucky in my life. Even when the times got tough I kept my faith and God blessed me and my husband. I asked him for a sign and he sure did give it to me, all of it! The amount of happiness I feel right now is indescribable but at the same time I have been very nervous these last few days and I just hope and pray everything is okay. There are so many things that can go wrong in these next few first weeks so I’m just holding my breath but I am also taking in this moment, every second of it because I know it could be taken away from me in the blink of an eye.

Let me give you a brief update on what took place this week.( I will write another post about how I told Mark and our parents)

Thursday-I took a test( see previous post), and went to the doctor and did a urine sample and a blood test and pregnancy was confirmed. Although the first doctor appointment was not at all what I expected and I walked out of the office feeling a little confused. The doctor was a little worried because my BETA levels were a little low for how far along I should have been. According to my last cycle I should have been around 5 weeks, but my BETA levels were more around 4 weeks or less so the doctor wanted me to have blood work done over the weekend to make sure everything was progressing and that my levels needed to double. So here I am being told I was pregnant BUT we aren’t sure if it’s progressing. Then she went on to talk about all the tests they will do in the new few weeks etc etc. They also scheduled my first ultrasound around for Feb.26th, and that was surreal for me. I couldn’t take it all in and I found myself just sitting there in a daze.

Saturday-Went to the hospital to have more blood work done and this was by far one of the LONGEST weekends of my life.

Monday-I had never been so excited for a Monday before. One of the nurses who I really like and has been very involved with me called right at 8AM to tell me that my levels had doubled and that it was still very early so they wanted me to have more blood work done to see where the levels stood that day. So again, still sitting around and bursting at the seams to found out if everything was okay. So I walked over the hospital and had more labs done and the nurse called me about 2 hours later to tell me that my levels had trippled! and they think I around 4-5 weeks, more good news!! I was over the moon happy and was still in shock. I have learned these past few days that there is always going to be the unknown and there is no way for the doctors to be “sure” about everything.

So here I am today, so happy and thankful. I feel like a new person and I already have a different perspective on life. I wont go back to the doctors again until the ultra sound appointment which is about 3 weeks away so even after you get pregnant you still play the waiting game. But I’m okay with that, God has brought me this far and I was forced to put all my trust in him before and just let it go and I am going to do that now. I have trust that he has given me this gift for a reason and everything is going to be okay. I will be counting down the days until I hear that little heartbeat, I think it will be then that I will realized I have truly witnessed a miracle! OUR miracle 😉

Until Next Time..



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