Spilling the beans

I feel like I have waited forever for these moments and I cant believe I am actually being able to experience them!

Although I left the doctor’s office on Thursday feeling confused, scared and happy all at the same time. I decided I was still going to surprise Mark the way that I had always dreamed of doing so. It was bittersweet because basically I was told that I was pregnant but not to get too excited since they weren’t sure if the pregnancy was progressing or not. But like I said before, I was told I had this little life inside of me and I decided that no matter what the outcome may be in the next few days, I needed to celebrate this life and this moment because for all I know I could never experience it again.

I did not go back to work after my appointment, I went straight to Babies R Us. I wanted to find a little onesie that said “I love you Daddy” or something along the line of that to surprise Mark.  Unfortunately  most places that sell baby stuff are very gender specific. Everything was either pink or blue, and I didn’t have that much time because I wanted to get to the house before Mark left to come home for the night. I went to about 5 different places and eventually decided to buy a “Baby On Board” sign, newborn diapers and two bottle pops, one pink, one blue and I bought him a card. I wanted to do balloons and all this other stuff but I just ran out of time and I wanted to tell him so bad. So I stopped by and picked up some Chic-fil-a for us and headed over to the house. We ate and I know he was probably wondering what was wrong with me, I was so uneasy and acting weird. After we ate I told him I had bought him something at the mall and I wanted to surprise him, so I made him go upstairs. I put everything on the fireplace mantle(since there is no furniture yet) and had him come downstairs like it was Christmas morning. It took him a second and then he said “are you serious? are you joking”? He didn’t believe me!! I mean I wouldn’t believe me either, and still have trouble believing it myself. Eventually it sunk in and we hugged and celebrated and I will cherish that moment FOREVER. Of course I had to tell them there was a BUT, and that we wouldn’t know until Monday, so I didn’t want him to get too excited but it was still an amazing moment.

(see below)


I also called my mom that night and spilled the beans to her. She was shocked but she also knew that we were trying to have a baby so she was very happy for us!

On Saturday, we invited Mark’s parents to the house to see all the progress we had done. Mark’s dad has been working day and night at the house so he already had seen it, he did a lot of the work he did himself, but Linda had not seen it since the first weekend we closed on it. Mark decided that we would go ahead and tell them the great news, since either way on Monday we would be telling them the good news or the bad news. We took the stuff I surprised Mark with and put it up in the room we are going to make the nursery and locked the door. When  his parents arrived I was so nervous, unlike my parents his parents had no idea we were even trying so this was definitely going to be a surprise for them. We showed them around the entire house and finally got to that room and Mark asked him mom to test out the locks on the door. She opened the door and it took her a minute and then she was realized she was very shocked! They seemed happy for us and that’s all we could ask for.

I have only told a few friends so far, I want to wait until we hear the heartbeat to tell most of them. Again, it goes back to me feeling vulnerable the more people I tell. I can’t imagine if I lost this baby to have to face people so I am being very careful as to who I tell just in case something were to happen. It’s so hard keeping this secret because I am so happy!!

Until Next Time…



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