Posted in March 2013

Empty Arms and Broken Hearts

I found this video on another bloggers site and I HAD to share.  I can relate to it in so many ways, even though I  was able to get pregnant, it still took us a while and I can relate to every bit of this video. I feel lucky that I was able to get … Continue reading

Lost & Found

I have found myself holding back and not writing when I get the urge. I have been doing this because I don’t want every post I write to be sad or negative, but at the same time I need to remember why I am doing this. I am keeping this blog for myself, friends and family and … Continue reading

This week-1 , Katie-0

This week has kicked my butt!  I feel like there is bad news surrounding me. After visiting with my grandpa on Wednesday the outlook does not look promising and has left me feeling helpless, I also found out a couple days ago my friend has cancer, we don’t know the extent of it yet, but it’s still very scary … Continue reading

Hey Pretty Girl…

I decided to share this video/song. It is one of my favorite songs for many reasons and it also reminds me so much of my sweet hubby. My favorite part is at minute 2:30, when he starts talking about his wife having their baby, reminds me what I’m fighting for, and I can’t wait for … Continue reading


Last week, I was having a  bad day and I came home to this ^ on my door step. I couldn’t resist not sharing it with you all. One of my friends from highschool, Geneva, left these beautiful roses and sweet card for me. This was one of the sweetest thing anyone has ever done, not … Continue reading

Let me further explain…

Okay…I feel like I have some explaining to do…Ever since I posted something about saying that after infertility AND suffering a miscarriage, every successful pregnancy is taken personally and after posting Kristen’s blog about and her talking about how and what to say to someone like me.  Also, I have had a few people message me and tell me they don’t want … Continue reading


It’s been really hard to adjust to not being pregnant anymore. I know that I wasnt THAT far along, but I found out I was expecting pretty early(around 3 weeks is when it was confirmed) and 8.5 weeks feels like a life time when you spend every second of everyday wondering/worrying and never quite getting the answer … Continue reading

Why miscarriage hurts so much..

Let me explain why miscarriage(as well as infertility) hurts so much: There will never be another first pregnancy. I will never again see a positive pregnancy test for the very first time. There will never be another first time telling my husband he will be a father. There will never be the first ultrasound (though I … Continue reading