Please read my friend Kristen’s post/blog. I have previously mentioned Kristen and her cousin before in my posts, she is currently being a surrogate for her cousin(read their blogs to find out more , their story is AMAZING) and she wrote this awesome post about being fertile in a infertile world. Its a different perspective on this topic and many of you may relate.




One in eight couples are infertile based on a survey that was conducted in 2002. Looking around your circle of friends and family, one could easily find more than eight couples. 12 percent of all the couples you know could be dealing with an open or secret struggle. How do you react to these families? Or support them without saying the wrong things?

Since being so involved with Jamie’s journey of sudden infertility, I too have caught myself multiple times questioning myself if I said the wrong thing or hurt her feelings by accident. It’s a struggle as I want Jamie and other friends of mine to know I am there for them however I could never understand. I am fertile. I do not live with the struggle they deal with day in and day out. The ability to carry a child without medical assistance…

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