Last week, I was having a  bad day and I came home to this ^ on my door step. I couldn’t resist not sharing it with you all.

One of my friends from highschool, Geneva, left these beautiful roses and sweet card for me. This was one of the sweetest thing anyone has ever done, not to mention Geneva just gave birth to her beautiful little girl a few days before this, so for her to think of me and take the time out for this kind gesture was amazing. It really made my day and I cannot thank her enough for thinking of us. You just never know the impact of a simple kind gesture can make on someones day!

I havent posted in a few days because Mark and I went to Nashville last weekend for a little getaway and to see the couple we met on our honeymoon, who we have grown very close with. It was Nate’s 30th birthday party and we told him we weren’t coming and with his wife Maggie’s help, we able to surprise him! This weekend in Nashville was exactly what Mark and I needed. I was a little anxious about going, because I knew that we would be in and out of bars all weekend( What else do you do in Nashville, other than rock your cowboy boots all day , day drink and listen to country music?) and I just hadn’t been around that in sometime. I also felt like I wasnt supposed to have fun, like I was moving on and it wasnt right. All of that quickly changed after seeing Nate and Maggie and some of their awesome friends that came with them. We had a GREAT time and I am so glad we decided to go, it definitely was a vacation for my mind and I havent laughed that much in a very long time, not to mention country music is good for the soul.

 Here is a pic of the me and the ladies with  one of  the many cute country singers! ( My single friends should move to Nashville for real!)


Now back to reality.

On our way home from Nashville, we were going through Shelby to stop and pick up Princeton from Mark’s parents house and my mom called me and told me she was in Shelby because my paw paw had to be rushed to the ER. So we spent the remainder of the day there(not to mention, Cleveland Regional was the most unprofessional, unorganized hospital along with a rude staff who acted like my paw paw was a burden to them. I don’t trust my paw paw under the care of those people at all!) and these last few days have been rough, things aren’t looking very good. He has congestive heart failure, pneumonia along with severe diabetes. Basically his health is deteriorating and there isn’t much we can do about it, not to mention he doesn’t really care to fight anymore.  I also have been dealing with doctors who do not have his best interest at heart and it has been a constant battle with them. I’m really tired of doctors acting like they aren’t human beings. I know that they have to be cold and numb because they deal with tragedy and death all the time, but they still need to remember they are dealing with people’s family members and need to be more considerate of our emotions. So of course, just when you think things are starting to look up, your knocked down again. This week has been really stressful.  My mom and I are going to the hospital later tonight, and I will be setting some things straight with this hospital. I hope they don’t have to call security, just kidding…but  no….really…I hope they don’t have to!

Yesterday ,I had my two weeks follow-up appointment after the surgery, I was nervous but ready to hear what the doctor had to say. Walking back into the OBGYN’s office I felt a bunch of  emotions, thankfully the waiting room wasnt filled with pregnant women( Sorry yall, but its easier when I dont see it). I also had to fill out a history form again, and it asks how many pregnancies, miscarriages and births you have had. So of course, I had to put a 1 down for pregnancies , 1 for miscarriages and 0 for Births.  That tugged on my heart but I was able to keep it together.  Overall, what the doctor said is what I wanted to hear, so I can’t complain. For now, we continue to wait and continue to face reality. Can we go back to Nashville pleaseeee?

Until Next Time…




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