This week-1 , Katie-0

This week has kicked my butt!  I feel like there is bad news surrounding me. After visiting with my grandpa on Wednesday the outlook does not look promising and has left me feeling helpless, I also found out a couple days ago my friend has cancer, we don’t know the extent of it yet, but it’s still very scary AND on top of that I just found out today that Mark’s grandmother is being rushed the hospital to get stints placed in her heart because she has a lot of blocked arteries. Lord help us and everyone else.

There is so much hurt going on in this world right now and you don’t realize it until it starts effecting you or your loved ones. It makes you realize how blessed you are to wake up every morning and go to work and do things you don’t feel like doing, but at least you are able to. Also, makes you realize how much you take your loved ones for granted. I am SO lucky to still have BOTH of my great-grandmothers as well as both sets of grandparents and it makes me worry that much more that one day I will wake up and they will be gone. So cherish yourself and your loved ones. We are so much more blessed than we think!


This makes me reconsider my anger for what I have had to go through. Of course I still have feelings of  anger towards my situation, the struggle, the loss and the up hill climb I am having to conquer to bring myself back but I am no longer angry.  Your situation can ALWAYS be worse and I remind my self of that everyday  that I wake up bitter.  I think of how our little bean would want us to live, and how our future bean will be proud of how we handled ourselves during this time.When you hit a road block, how you respond is exactly what guides your future.

Please keep my grandpa, our  sweet friend and Mark’s grandmother in your prayers.

Until Next Time…



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