Meet Penelope!

Mark and I became parents this weekend to our 2nd fur baby!

Everyone meet Penelope!


 She is a min-pin/chihuahua mix and has already stole our hearts! Mark and I have been thinking about getting  another dog for the last year or so, but Princeton has been our baby for the last 6 years and we just weren’t sure if we could love another dog the way we love him. Well these last few months, Princeton has been so bored and constantly wanting to play 24/7, so we decided that now was the right time to get him a little sister. The minute we saw her, we knew she was our little girl!  She is a tiny little thing with a feisty personality. She has also helped fill some of the emptiness in my heart from our loss and she is keeping me busy, which helps me keep my mind off everything so I am very thankful for her as well as my sweet hubby agreeing to get her.


Playing ball!


We spent sometime this weekend at our friends house who just recently had a baby girl named Sawyer. As you can see, Sawyer and Penelope became great friends. Cant wait to watch these little babies grow!



Oh, and there is my handsome hubby holding both babies. Gosh that is SUCH a good look on him!!!

Until Next Time…



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