Posted in May 2013

Depression and Infertility

Infertility has caused both the worst stagnation and the greatest movement in my life. It has changed almost every aspect in my life. Some of these changes good, and some bad. It puts an incredible strain on our relationships, marriages, self-esteem, financial state and our physiological well-being. I figured that I should blog about how infertility and depression go … Continue reading

It’s Ok To Not Be Ok…

I realized today when I was going in for my doctor’s appointment that I am starting to be recognized at my OBGYN…the staff now knows me by name and they all awkwardly ask how I am doing each time I come in( although I know they know exactly why I am there). As if going … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

I want to start this post off by saying Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mother, all of my friends who are mothers and to all the other mothers out there! I have so many great role models around me and I look up to all of you! To be honest, I actually didn’t think … Continue reading