Posted in June 2013

Twenty Five

As I look back on this last year a lot has happened. I just turned 25 and I know I am young( I get really tired of people belittling my situation because I have “time”) but I had always planned on my life being a certain way by the time I was 25. I knew … Continue reading

Music Is Good For The Infertile Soul

If you know me, you know I connect to music. If there is a song about an emotion I’m feeling, I want to hear it. I found a few songs that are either about infertility or can at least relate to it. I  knew I had to share this one.  It is real, heartbreaking and … Continue reading

Control & Patience

Control and Patience: I have to much of a need for one, and not enough of the other. These are also two of my biggest flaws and they are playing a huge role in this struggle. I have always had a constant need to control every aspect of not only my own life, but of … Continue reading