Posted in September 2013

17 Weeks

I’m ¬†a few days late on this but oh well ūüėČ How far along?¬†17 weeks Maternity clothes?¬† Oh yea even though I am still not finding a whole lot of selection out there. Stretch marks?¬†No Sleep: ¬†a little better Best moment this week:¬†Today, ( last Thursday)another glance of our sweet thing. Have you told family … Continue reading

Faith Over Fear

It’s crazy how different my life is versus a few months ago. I wake up every single day so grateful for this baby growing inside of me. If I am tired, just not feeling that particular day or sometimes randomly in a bad mood, I think of my beautiful life and this baby and instantly¬†my … Continue reading

16 Weeks

How far along?¬†16 weeks Maternity clothes?¬†Cute Maternity clothes are scarce. I thought I would have a fun time shopping for them but it‚Äôs actually quite frustrating. Stretch marks?¬†No Sleep:¬†Still waking up 15+ times in the middle of the night, since baby is hanging out on my bladder. Best moment this week:¬†Today, another glance of our … Continue reading

15 Weeks

I decided I’d start documenting the baby bump over the weeks on facebook as well as my blog, thought it would new something neat for me to look back at one day! How far along?¬†15 weeks Maternity clothes?¬†Bought a few pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. Stretch marks?¬†No Sleep:¬†Not so great due to … Continue reading