Pregnant Or Fat? Linebacker or Beauty Queen?

” Do I look pregnant or fat in this?” I find myself saying this every time I am getting dressed now. Before anyone even thinks for one second that I am complaining, I’m not. I will rock this baby bump anytime anywhere, but all you other mamas know that sometimes at this gestation stage sometimes your bump can look more like a chunk. Luckily, I can laugh at myself every morning when I am pulling out my hair and always running 15 minutes behind trying to find something that looks decent. Before I was pregnant I used to stand in my closet every morning before work anyways and just stare at my outfits. Mark used to make fun of me, but I guess I thought if I stood there long enough the perfect outfit would pop in my head..and hey sometimes it worked…other times, I wasted at least 20 minutes for nothing.  Now instead of wasting 20 minutes…its around 45 minutes…If only my Pinterest closet were real!!

I have always had a hard time getting clothes to fit me correctly. I am very unproportioned and it has always been a pain in my ass. I used to be proud of my lady lumps, now….not so much. I never realized how fast these things would change. As if my wardrobe wasn’t seriously lacking already, (Since I haven’t bought anything new since last year because I never knew when I was going to get pregnant) now even my clothes that still fit my bump most certainly do not fit the lady lumps. Now, I have thought I could solve this problem by just going to a maternity store and racking up, but it couldn’t be that easy right? Of course not….the size I need in maternity still does not fit these lady lumps, and if I go up a size I look like I am wearing my great grandmothers night-gown. Not cool!!!!  I had a breakdown this morning trying to find something to wear and ended up in my work out clothes. Chances are, until I get further along if you see me out, I will be in work out clothes.(Too bad I cant get away with them at work) My spandex and sports bras are what makes this mama comfortable and that  is what it’s all about right?

As most of you know, our sweet little Baby M has not been cooperating the last two times we tried to see his/her goods. Most people say it’s a girl, because baby is being lady like and keeping her legs crossed. I may just have to disagree on this one. I think I am cooking a line-backer. You know the professional line backers you see on TV…yep a future one of those. If I could describe my pregnancy so far in one word it would be… HUNGRY!  I am so tired of even chewing. All I do is eat eat eat and I am still never satisfied. I have horrible indigestion after I eat so basically I am stuffing my face and burping 24/7… right? Thank goodness I am somewhat of a health freak and try to continue eating healthy. People are always asking me what I am craving and to be honest with you, it changes from week to week. However, there is one craving that wont go away…I want every thing I shouldn’t be eating A.K.A -JUNK FOOD. If  it’s not good for me, I want it. So, I do splurge every now and then and give baby what it wants, but sometimes I have to tell baby no.  This baby has a sweet tooth and isn’t even out of the womb yet, better start the healthy eating while he/she is young!

Sometimes I feel like I am living the life of a teenage boy. Sleeping, eating, burping, eating and peeing oh and eating 24/7….and rocking sweats any chance I get.  So this is why I think I may just be carrying a future NFL player, but who knows..hopefully we will find out soon. Either way, I cant wait to have this little babe in my arms!  I still pinch myself everyday! How did I get so lucky?!?

Until Next Time…



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