Posted in October 2013

Happy Halloween-22 Weeks!

How far along?  22 weeks Maternity clothes?  Still trying to wear some non-maternity tops, although my choices are slim picking! Stretch marks? Nope Sleep:  Not sleeping my best, my back is hurting at night and I cant get comfortable( Trying to get use to this since I know this is how it will be from here … Continue reading

21 Weeks

How far along?  21 Weeks Maternity clothes?  Yep, all of my other non-maternity clothes are starting to feel a bit tight. Stretch marks? Nope, starting to look into what creams I will be using. Anyone have any good suggestions? Sleep:  Still the same sleeping habits wake up every hour to use the restroom and for some … Continue reading

20 Weeks

Whoahhhh…Wer’e half way there!! Whoa, Livin on a prayer!!!!!! How Beckham Parker McSwain got his name. Let me go ahead and answer the question I get asked most. “Oh, so you’re naming him after David Beckham?” NOPE! Now I will say that if he gets that for the rest of his life, David Beckham is … Continue reading

18/19 Weeks and It’s A…..

Sorry, this is jam-packed post, ran out of time last week!   How far along? 18-19 Weeks Maternity clothes?  Yep, still able to make some of my non-maternity clothes work now that I actually look pregnant instead of fat! Stretch marks? No Sleep:  sorta, having crazy dreams though! Best moment this week:  Last week, our 18 Week … Continue reading

October- A Sad And Exciting Month

What a bitter sweet month this will be for me. Although I have never been so happy in my life as I am in this very moment….I feel like I need to take a moment and just remember our little bean that we were supposed to be meeting this month. It’s hard to believe that … Continue reading