18/19 Weeks and It’s A…..

Sorry, this is jam-packed post, ran out of time last week!





How far along? 18-19 Weeks

Maternity clothes?  Yep, still able to make some of my non-maternity clothes work now that I actually look pregnant instead of fat!

Stretch marks? No

Sleep:  sorta, having crazy dreams though!

Best moment this week:  Last week, our 18 Week scan and having both grandmothers there to see baby for the first time. This week, having our closet family and friends get together for a wonderful gender reveal party! ( see below for a few pics)

Have you told family and friends: Everyone knows!

Miss Anything?  Being able to drink wine and clean the house, always made me way more productive 😉

Movement: Feeling more “kicks” these last two weeks, sometimes it catches me off guard. I love it!

Food cravings:  Chocolate.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really anymore, I get nauseous if I don’t eat though.

Have you started to show yet: Oh yea!

Gender:  BOY!!!

Labor Signs:  No

Belly Button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Could not be happier.

Looking forward to: Trying to decide on a name for this little boy( we are torn) and starting to shop for the nursery!

18 Week Ultrasound Pictures 


Here are a few pics from our gender reveal party. We had cake pops made and everyone bit into them at the same time and the filling was either pink or blue! I loved having everyone close to us together during this special moment! A memory I will cherish forever!






Until Next Time…



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