Happy Halloween-22 Weeks!



How far along?  22 weeks

Maternity clothes?  Still trying to wear some non-maternity tops, although my choices are slim picking!

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep:  Not sleeping my best, my back is hurting at night and I cant get comfortable( Trying to get use to this since I know this is how it will be from here on out)

Best moment this week: Had a few this week-

-Seeing Beckham, it will never get old!!-

-Visiting my great grandmothers and letting them feel my tummy. Oh how I wish Beckham would hurry up and get here!-

-Starting construction on the nursery-

-My first appointment with my new OBGYN who I really really liked. Finally  found a decent doctor!-

Have you told family and friends: Everyone knows!

Miss Anything?  I miss the convenience of deli meat….subway, jimmy johns etc.

Movement: Still feeling him mostly in the morning and at night when I go to bed, but a few times this week he was very active during the day.

Food cravings:  Junk Food…all of it. :/

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope

Have you started to show yet: Oh yea!

Gender:  BOY!!!

Labor Signs:  None this week.

Belly Button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: How could I not be happy?

Looking forward to: Finishing the judges panel/painting the nursery. Mark has been working so hard on it, cant wait to see it come to life!

Here are a few pics from 19 weeks( I forgot to post) and from last week.


Also on this day 6 years ago, I became Mark’s girlfriend. I knew from that day on that he would be the one.  I always wonder why I was one of the lucky ones. I found the perfect man and I am so thankful for that. He amazes me more and more each day and I can only hope that everyone has a love like ours. I am truly living a fairy tale and I cannot wait to watch him become a Dad!! 🙂

Until Next Time…



2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween-22 Weeks!

  1. Hey Katie!! I love following your pregnancy! So fun! Just a comment on your back pain… Boppy makes a maternity pillow that is amazing! It’s not cheap… $80 but it is so worth it. It helped with my back pain so much! You can find them at baby’s r us!

    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

  2. I actually ordered that pillow a few weeks ago, and I think the one I got was a defect, it was lacking a lot of “stuffing” in the belly area. They are sending me a new one so hopefully it will work, I sure do need it! 🙂 congrats on your little boy by the way, hes so cute. Hope motherhood is going well!

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