26 Weeks-Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry yall, this is a pretty lengthy post!

26 weks

lettuce(These fruit comparisons are getting a little bit wacky, but oh well)

How far along?  26 weeks

Maternity clothes?  Still looking everyday for cute/decent priced clothes.

Stretch marks? Nope, I feel really lucky to not have any yet.

Sleep:  Same, not getting much of it.

Best moment this week:

-Thanksgiving of course! I loved getting to see my whole family including my two great grandmothers who I thank God for everyday! –

-Touring the hospital, it was fun and made me feel better but I’m not going to lie, it definitely was a reality check for what I am about to go through-

-Finishing our registry, man it felt good to check that off our list!

Have you told family and friends: Everyone knows!

Miss Anything?   Wine again, I miss my wine. Especially during this holiday season!

Movement: Earlier this week Beckham had a really active day, he kicked me all day long!

Food cravings:  Mandarins dipped in Chocolate, yum!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I found out that not only do I get sick when I am not driving the car but mostly when my husband drives. Sorry babe!

Have you started to show yet: Oh yea!

Gender:  Sweet Baby Boy!

Labor Signs:  None

Belly Button in or out?  In-looking crazier each week.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but I sure do have my moments when I freak!

Looking forward to: Our Birthing classes next weekend  and decorating the house for Christmas!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am overwhelmed with all the great things going on not only in my life but in others as well.

First and foremost I am thankful for Mark and I finally being able to start our journey to parenthood. This was probably one of the toughest years of my life but it is turning out to be the start of probably the greatest year of my life. Although I have not met Beckham yet, the love I have for him is a love I never knew of and its crazy to me that once I lay eyes on this sweet miracle that the love will only grow stronger. I have always had many reasons to wake up thankful each and everyday, but now its different.  It’s a new meaning, a new purpose and a new life for me and I just sometimes can’t believe that I am this lucky and that I am not only going to finally be a mother, but I am going to be Beckham’s mother.

Of course let me not forget to mention my sweet hubby who could not be any more perfect. He is the perfect example of what a man, husband and dad should be and I know that our son will follow in his footsteps and that makes this mama proud!

Then there is my family… Not only do I have a wonderful family, I have a healthy family. We as a family are so very blessed and there are so many times where I wish I could just freeze time because I know that all of this could change in an instant. I cling on to it while I can. I am one of the few who still has BOTH of my GREAT GRANDMOTHERS, I know I have talked about them before but a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have another holiday season with them. One of them is 92 and the other is 94. They are the women who I look up to. Every moment I spend with them I not only cherish it but I try so hard to remember the moment. I want my memories with them to last a lifetime. I pray each and everyday that the will both get the chance to meet Beckham, it will be 5 generations for both of them and it is something that is very important to me.




So with all of that being said, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope each of you did as well.

Oh, and I almost forgot….I went in for a scan last week and Beckham was not having it and decided he wanted to keep his hand in front of his face the whole time, so I poking him hoping it would make him put his hand down..but this is what I got…


He decided to show me what was up and sport that sweet little finger of his! Bless him, he’s definitely my son! (Check out those guns)


This was the only decent face shot we got, but hey I’ll take it!!!

Until Next Time..



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