Posted in December 2013

30 Weeks-Merry Christmas!!

Baby is the length of a cucumber! How far along?  30 weeks..pinch me! Maternity clothes?  The best piece of advice I can give ANY expectant mother is to invest in a few pairs of Maternity Leggings from Target. They are a great price and are so comfortable. If only I could wear them to work!!! Stretch … Continue reading

29 Weeks- Fa La La La!

Baby is as big as a Butternut Squash. How far along?  29 weeks Maternity clothes?  Over looking for them!! Stretch marks? None  Sleep:  Same as last week..still running on fumes. Best moment this week: -Becoming more and more excited about the nursery coming together- (See Below for a sneak peak) -Finalizing my order for Beckham’s custom … Continue reading

Growing Up 101

Growing up. At some point we all have to do it, and its honestly not such a bad thing. Some of us start the rest of our lives long before our friends do and that’s okay. Not everyone is supposed to be on the same page. There is no “right” time to settle down, get … Continue reading

Hello Third Trimester!!

I promise I am not as pale as I look in this picture, it was taken at night and we had to turn a lamp on so it made the color look awful! Baby is at big as a Chinese  Cabbage(how random) How far along?  28 weeks Maternity clothes?  I am desperate for maternity slacks. … Continue reading

27 Weeks

Size of a cauliflower. How far along?  27 weeks Maternity clothes?  I am really becoming frugal when it comes to buying any more maternity clothes. I know I am going to need some more but with only 13 weeks left at the most; I am trying to make what I already have last as long … Continue reading