Posted in January 2014

34 Weeks

How far along?  34 weeks Maternity clothes?   Haven’t found any clothes for me lately, but Beckham sure has hit the jackpot. My obsession with his nautical themed nursery is rubbing off on his wardrobe, all the summer stuff is starting to come in all the stores and I am in heaven! Stretch marks? None, I can’t believe … Continue reading

“Saddle Up!”

This is the advice Mark and I were given a few months ago by a random stranger. We were in Hobby Lobby and this woman who had her hair on top of her head, no make up, oversized hoodie and sweat pants(and she was STILL gorgeous) was pushing around a baby who I knew could … Continue reading

33 Weeks

 ( What the heck is a Durian Fruit?) How far along?  33 weeks Maternity clothes?   Found a few decent shirts at Old Navy. Stretch marks? None! Sleep:  Now that Princeton has finally started sleeping with Mark or beside of me, it has made it a little easier for me to stay asleep longer. Not sure what we … Continue reading

32 Weeks

How far along?  32 weeks Maternity clothes?   HAHA…that is all. Stretch marks? Still a lucky duck. Sleep:  HAHA. that is all. 😉 Best moment this week: -Our Shower!!!! Everything turned out just as I imagined and we were so spoiled by our friends and family, it was truly an amazing day!- -Another post to follow for details/pics … Continue reading

Happy New Year!! 31 Weeks

(I even bought a Pineapple for the picture and totally forgot to use it! oh well!) How far along?  31 weeks Maternity clothes?   I had another breakdown today. I would say the biggest headache of this pregnancy is finding COMFORTABLE dress slacks(for work) that look decent. I swear I have tried on every pair, every store … Continue reading