32 Weeks


How far along?  32 weeks

Maternity clothes?   HAHA…that is all.

Stretch marks? Still a lucky duck.

Sleep:  HAHA. that is all. 😉

Best moment this week:

-Our Shower!!!! Everything turned out just as I imagined and we were so spoiled by our friends and family, it was truly an amazing day!-

-Another post to follow for details/pics on the shower-

-At our routine check up, the doctor did and exam and told us she could feel his head..Mark and I both were like WHAT?!-

-Although we didn’t get to see much of his face during our scan this week( he would NOT put his hands down) we got to see those luscious lips again!

Have you told family and friends: Ain’t no hiding this belly.

Miss Anything? Still craving a good work out, so weird.

Movement: His big kicks have definitely slowed down, I can tell he is getting cramped. Now its just more rolls along with feeling his elbows and knees jabbing away.

Food cravings: Still loving on those spaghettio’s, but I have noticed after every meal I crave something sweet.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope, Same ole indigestion. Boy better have some hair!!

Have you started to show yet: I think I am really going to miss this belly.

Gender:  Sweet Baby Boy!

Labor Signs:  None

Belly Button in or out?  It’s questionable this week, I think it may be starting to pop out..Wah!

Wedding rings on or off? On,  but  today…I was not able to wear my eternity band that I usually wear on my right hand today. I felt so naked all and kept panicking when I noticed it wasn’t there. Really hope my left hand doesn’t swell.

Happy or Moody most of the time: So happy, the fact that I am about to meet my baby boy in just a few short weeks it is so surreal.

Looking forward to: The glider coming in, as well as more of the custom pieces for his nursery finally getting delivered. I cant wait to get everything all set up.

-Few Facts About Baby This Week-

  • He is getting ready for his descent — and is in the head-down position now.
  • He is feeling even more cramped.
  • His finger/toe nails are fully grown in by now.
  • He may have  full head of hair by now.

Until Next Time…



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