Posted in February 2014

That Day.

I can’t believe that today marks 1 year that Mark and I sat in the doctors office and found out news that would change our lives forever. A miracle was ripped from my hands that day and I have never been the same since. Although, I have done a lot of growing and so much … Continue reading

38 Weeks

How far along?  38 weeks Maternity clothes?   Becoming more and more miserable in my “work clothes”  but I keep reminding myself its only for a few more days, so I can handle it! The moment I get home to change into sweats or my leggings is PURE bliss. Stretch marks? None! Sleep:  Still not much, but I’m okay … Continue reading

Full Term & Snowed In

How far along?  37 weeks Maternity clothes?   Just trying to fit into what  I already have and again….living in my maternity leggings when I am not at work. They are a MUST have, I tell ya!!! Stretch marks? None, but I feel like I may see some after he comes and my stomach starts to shrink back … Continue reading

Week 35 & 36

              How far along?  35/36 weeks Maternity clothes?   Not really looking anymore. Stretch marks? None Sleep:  Barely Best moment this week: -Getting this notification on my phone- -Finishing up his playroom, still have a few final touches but it has come a long way- -Getting his name plaque in to go … Continue reading