A Nautical Baby Shower- Ahoy It’s A Boy

Okay so I am a little late posting this, but our baby shower could not have turned out any better and it was a perfect day.  This baby shower was not only special to me because of everyone gathering to celebrate Beckham, but there was a time when I thought I may never have a baby shower of my own. For this day to finally take place meant sooo much to me. It was one more milestone in this pregnancy that I was able to check off my list and it felt wonderful. We were surrounded by our wonderful friends and family who showered us with gifts for our sweet Beckham! I cannot thank one of my best friends Leanne enough, who put so much time and effort into making sure this shower turned out exactly how I imagined. I am truly lucky to have her in my life!!!

Here are few pictures from that special day!!

(The quality of the pictures aren’t the best, word press seems to want to shrink all of them)






1463903_850058908579_160852801_n    photo (27) photo (28)

1525584_850059342709_819502160_n  1524885_850059377639_1398075808_n

IMG_0222 (2)

1526119_10101488686623810_1570973186_n    1557513_10101488687337380_240584047_n


1601251_10101488683549970_67760557_n 1604625_10152499635554167_808453038_n babyshower

1484748_850059402589_2041082244_n   1545571_850059462469_2029197805_n

        IMG_0202 (2)    IMG_0205 (2)

IMG_0212 (2)

photo (51)

photo (54)

shower     shower1



IMG_0220 (2)


photo (31)

photo (53)

Until Next Time…



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