My 12 New Mom Must-Haves

So now that I’ve survived the first two months of motherhood and Beckham’s still alive(lol), I thought I would give yall a list of the top 12 products that make my life (and Beckham’s) a little easier. I remember back when I was registering for my baby shower, I was so overwhelmed with what I would need. There are so many things you think you need that you will never end up using and there are things I never thought I would need at the time that I now cannot live with out. So here they are in random order:

1- Baby Wrap

I wish I would have had this wrap from the day Beckham was born especially with him having reflux( I’ll explain more in a later post) because it has been so hard to get anything done. We already had one of the Bjorn carriers but to me those are more for outings. I was looking for something comfortable to wear around the house. I bought and tried out the Moby wrap first and although Beckham seemed to like it, it was a lot of material and we both got very hot quickly. I came across this company and instantly fell in love with all of the fabrics they had to offer as well as the light weight organic material their wraps are made out of. Also, this is as close as you can get to the feeling of carrying your sweet baby again. As crazy as it may sound, I miss being pregnant!

Nautical And Grey Stripe Wrap


2-Boppy Pillow

Whether you are nursing or not, this is a MUST HAVE. I use it all day everyday with Beckham. It’s so nice to be able to prop him up to feed without my arm falling asleep and I feel like he is more comfortable as well with out constantly being held all the time.

Boppy Pillow



3-Boppy Lounger

So I thought if I had the Boppy Pillow, I didn’t need this but I was wrong! This is a lot like the pillow except the middle part is cushioned as well. I use this when I need to put him down for a little bit. It keeps him elevated and its much better than just laying him down on a flat surface. It’s also nice when we have to give him his medicine since he is on a slight incline. Some people use the pillow to prop their babies up but I feel like this is way more comfortable for them and supports their entire body.

Boppy Lounger


4-Wipe Warmer

Before you judge me and think this is ridiculous let me explain. I thought the same thing at first. My mother-in-law actually purchased this for me and Beckham loves it. Think about it, would you want a cold wipe on your booty!?  NOPE. We actually went and purchased a second one for us to have upstairs. Is this a necessity, no not really but I do think it makes diaper changing a lot more pleasant for the both of us and I know his little booty appreciates it. 😉

Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer


5-Pack n Play’s

Pack n Plays are not just for traveling. We have two-one upstairs and one downstairs. This is where we change Beckham as well as where he takes his nap until we eventually start putting him in his nursery. The one pictured below is the exact one that I have. I originally purchased a different/more expensive one but I was not pleased with it. This one is great, the changing table is stable and high enough to where you don’t feel like you are breaking your back every time you change him. It also has GREAT storage on the side to keep diapers and anything else you may need.

Graco Newborn  Napper Elite in Cascase



I’m sure someone has told you by now that their swing was a life saver and they are absolutely right. I have heard that some babies do not like swings but Beckham loves it and I consider it my “other” babysitter. I know there are all different kinds of swings now(mama roo’s etc) but this one has been great and allowed me to get a lot of stuff done!

SnuggaPuppy Swing


7-Nursing Tops

I lived in these tops for the first month. When you are breastfeeding/pumping its hard to wear a bra for many reasons. This top from Target allowed me to get away without wearing a bra but still look presentable. They are also comfortable enough to sleep in, which was great for those late night(early morning) pumping sessions. I bought every color they had and still wear them til this day. It’s all about comfort and I give these tops an A+!

Henley Nursing Cami


8- Medela Quick Steam Bags

These bags have saved me so much time.  I steam everything from his bottles, paci’s, pump parts, medicine dispensers etc. It’s so much better than having to run the dish washer everyday or stand over the sink hand washing each and every bottle part. All you do is throw in what you would like to steam, add water and pop in the bag for 90 seconds. You can re-use each bag up to 20 times. However,  I do still wash everything at least every other day but these bags make me rest assured that everything is sanitized and that is why these are a must have for a germaphobe like me.

Quick-Steam Bags


9-Travel System

I cannot express enough how much I love this car seat and stroller. This one is a little on the expensive side but it is so worth it. Peg Perego has great ratings when it comes to safety. The car seat is a little heavier than some of the Chico and Graco ones but it also has better safety ratings and feels much more sturdy, so I don’t mind it. Another great thing about this stroller is that it allows you to remove the toddler seat and to use only the car seat, which removes a lot of the bulk and added weight. I also love the color of this, I love anything grey and I feel as though this is very gender neutral so it can be used for more than one child. The stroller is very easy to handle and folds up very easy along with having a very polished sleek look.

Book Plus



I brought these swaddles to the hospital and attempted to swaddle Beckham right away, but they were a little too big for him at first. We tried them again during his first week home, but the boy loves his arms out and up in the air and he cried so we thought he didn’t like it. I was VERY wrong. We tried them again when he was around 3 weeks and he sleeps so much better. At first I felt like these things looked too much like a stray jacket but newborns love them. It makes them feel secure just like they were in the womb. I only swaddle him at night, and he sleeps like a champ and I also know he is sleeping safely! I highly highly recommend swaddling your baby. Also, you don’t have to worry about covering them up and the blanket getting near their face. We just put Beckham in a onesie and in the swaddle and he and I both sleep much better.

Summer Infant Swaddle Me


11- A Great Diaper Bag

I dont know about yall, but I am not into all those loud diaper bag prints that are out now. I decided I wanted a diaper bag that looked like a purse I would carry everyday but not break the bank. I came across this one and I fell in love. This is my favorite color brown. I feel like I can wear this with everything. This bag is very spacious and has lots of little compartments to keep everything organized which is very important when having this big of a bag. It also comes with a clutch/wallet so you can keep your cards, cell phone etc separate. I get tons of compliments, with most people thinking it is a purse.  I highly recommend this company, they have all different styles and colors.

Check out their website to see all the other neat features this diaper bag offers.

Timi & Leslie


12-Car Seat Canopy

This is a MUST MUST MUST. This canopy will be your best friend when taking your new baby to doctor appointments, or any outings in the first few months. It will not only keep away germs, but the sun, wind and rain as well. I absolutely love the one below, it is not too heavy of a material so that it would be hot in the summer time but it also isn’t too thin for the winter time. I only paid $12.95(Shipping and handling) for it!! This company is awesome and I also think these make great gifts to any new moms to be. You will use this every time you take your sweet thing anywhere, I promise!

Car Seat Canopy



I hope this helps all of my new mamas and mamas to be, there are so many of you and it makes me happy to see these miracles happening all around me!! ❤

Until Next Time…





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