photo (21)

This picture pretty much sums up why 2014 will be one for the books.

2014 was most definitely a year I will always cherish and remember. The year that allowed me to wake up every day and be greeted by his big ole cheeky smile and take in the feeling of warmth & love as his arms hug my neck. This is the year when my dream came true. Becoming a mother has been the most rewarding, humbling, frightening, and indescribable experience that has ever happened to me and I am sure nothing else will ever top it. When I look back at my first 10 months of motherhood I am proud. I am proud of the person I have become and I owe it all to that sweet boy. I am also hopeful for who I will become. As each month passes…we grow. I teach him new things and he teaches me new things. There have been so many tears, on top of “what the heck am I doing” moments and so much love and laughter that our lives are rich and full. Mark and I are blessed another year with wonderful health, a beautiful home, two amazing pups, great jobs and a wonderful support system of family and friends. It really doesn’t get much better than what we have and I am forever grateful each and everyday.

My to-do list for 2015 is:

Put my phone down

Get outdoors

Exercise more (cliché I know…but for real)

Spend more time as husband and wife

Take some “me” time without feeling guilty

Realize that Beckham has and always will beat to his own drum and will do things when he wants to do them and not a second sooner

Stop stressing so much

All these seem pretty easy right?! psh!

Here are few pictures to sum up this auh-MAZING year!

photo (17)

photo (4)

photo (10)

photo (12)

photo (11)

photo (8)

photo (6)

photo (18)photo (22)

photo (20)

photo (14)

photo (16)

photo (5)

photo (24)

photo (13)

photo (9)

Hope everyone has a Wonderful New year!

I will be spending the first few weeks of 2015 planning a 1st birthday party….ekkk!!! Working on my ugly cry already. :/

Until Next Time…



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