Dear Beckham, On Your Second Birthday..

My Sweet Beckham,


    8:17AM on February 24th 2014

How has it already been two years since I first held you in my arms? Two years since I looked into those perfect baby blue eyes? Two years since I met a living, breathing piece of my soul? It’s so hard to keep up with you and all of your changes. Time Flies son. Though I am still eagerly awaiting your first “real” few words, you sure do keep us on our toes by running around, dancing, clapping, drawing, creating mischief and terrorizing the dogs.

You went from being the chubbiest baby who refused to crawl or walk for the longest time, to a lean (but ridiculously solid) tall little boy who I am already having trouble keeping up with. You literally leave me breathless on a daily basis whether that’s from me chasing you down every time you need your diaper changed or when you make me carry you around all day for no apparent reason. Especially if I am on the phone, you want me and ALL of my attention. The only way for me to have a conversation with anyone is with you hanging out on my hip. My right arm has a fabulous muscular tone to it, thank you for that.

Your fascination with planes came before your first birthday and I think its pretty safe to say it has only become deeper this year. You can hear and see one before anyone else and you drop everything to stop and take it all in as they fly by. You are so intrigued by them but so was your Great Granddad, so much that he was a pilot for 24 years. I think that your love of the sky is most definitely in your genes. How great would it be if you followed in his foot steps?  He is so proud of you, I hope you know that.


You are a lover of all animals. Although, I cannot say you are the most gentle with them. You get so excited and your mouth literally drops open in disbelief anytime you see one.  You love to make animal noises and you have your own unique sound for each one. Your cat sound is our favorite-“YAOWWWW! Bears and Dinosaurs are your favorite and you love to scare everyone with your big ole ROARRR!

You also love to “cook” for us. This begins with you taking our hand and leading us into your playroom while making us sit on your couch as you pretend to whip something up in the kitchen. I love watching your imagination come alive. Maybe one day you will be a better cook than I am, lets hope so anyways.

I hope you never stop smiling at strangers and saying “hayyyy!!” with that big ole crooked tooth smile of yours. You never know when it will make someone’s day. I hope you continue to enjoy the outdoors. I see how the fresh air wakes you up and the sunshine makes you smile. Never forget that feeling. I see many many days and nights in the future of you and your dad working out in the yard together. You look up to him so much. You are his mini me, his shadow and his best friend. However, you’re still the biggest mama’s boy. Your Daddy is the best toy you own but Mommy is your best friend. You love your Mommy more than anything in this world and there are times that you make me feel so treasured, like you and I are the only two people in the room. The way you pet my hair or wrap your arms so tightly around my neck is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. It is love in its most purest and honest form.

There are many moments of the day when you ignore what I tell you, looking at me with your defiant little eyes, there’s a part of me that wants to tell you to always to stand up for yourself like this. I hope you will always do whats right, although I realize a lot of teaching you this rests on my shoulders. So, I promise I will continue to do my best to show you how to be a kind human being on a daily basis. I promise to show you how one act of kindness can change the world.

You still need lots of cuddles and for me to kiss your boo boos. I soak in every bit of these moments as they are moments that I can make everything all better. I know I wont always be able to make everything better but I promise you I will always try. I promise that I will always be your biggest fan and no matter where you look..I will always be in your corner. I am your biggest fan.


You are most happy sitting in your dads lap or being carried in my arms. This is getting more difficult now that you’re so big! And how you got so big I have no idea. You eat virtually nothing. You pretend to be shy around people you don’t know but within a couple minutes you show them your goofy personality and naturally become quite the show off. You always end up the center of attention, no matter where we go. You welcome love with open arms no matter who it may be from. To be completely honest, the first time you ran up to a complete stranger with arms wide open hoping for a hug – it kinda freaked me out. But as I see you do this more, I’m understanding that God has given you a heart built with compassion; a heart with true and genuine love for people.

Sometimes you still need a few middle of the night snuggles..Okay wait..Let me be honest…every night you still need these snuggles. You start out in your own bed but always up in ours. Sure, I’d like to sleep more than 4 hours every night (and that’s if I am lucky) but if there is ever a night that you sleep longer than usual, I always wake up missing you. Every night as you kick, hit, steal my pillow and roll on top of me… I tell myself this is the last night I am going to let you sleep with us but then you snuggle your face into my neck or lay your cheek on top of mine and I am reminded that it wont be like this for long.

Every year on the eve of your birthday, your Dad and I watch home videos that we have taken of you throughout the years. It is truly amazing to watch you grow into a young boy right before our eyes. It is clear to us that you were born to inspire and you are doing just that. There are people who have never actually met you that immediately light up when the conversation turns to you. You are the bright light in so many lives and I hope you never ever let that light burn out.

I am not sure you will ever understand the amount of happiness that you have brought to this world. I cant wait to see how much you will grow in this next year. I promise to understand in this next year that learning is your journey. I promise to let you navigate. I will push you to explore and watch you discover. I will encourage your questions and allow you to struggle. I will support your thinking and I promise to let you fly….


 Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!




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