Two Boys, And Why I Want Them

You would think by now I would have learned how to block out any and every negative comment about babies , motherhood and everything in between. I feel like I have heard it all in these past 5 years as my pursuit to motherhood would be harder and so far off from my plan than I could have ever imagined.  As you can imagine.. I was on top of the world. We had gone through so much heartbreak and now finally, our little miracle was healthy and flipping around inside of me. I was the happiest gal in the world. BUT little did I know there would be people aka other mothers lurking around every corner ready to spit our their unwelcome parenting advice and let me know what I was “really” in for as if they were trying to prepare me for dooms day. They would nonchalantly let me know that life as I knew it would be no more. Nothing made me more mad and as I continued on with my pregnancy I started becoming much more snippier with these sad souls and conversations got awkard real fast.  I was the wrong mama-to-be to mess with and I was not going to allow anyone to try to take this moment from me.

Now that I am expecting miracle baby #2-I didn’t think any of these unhappy, sad souls would find me. Or if they did-once they found out this was baby #2 they would keep their ridiculous opinions /comments to themselves as now I am no longer a rookie to motherhood. I righteously so have my own opinion of motherhood so no thanks-I wont be needing anyone else’s. Well…. Let me tell ya-I WAS WRONG.  Not only do I have “veteran” mothers (of 2+) letting me know what a shit show 2 kids will be, I also get to experience everyone’s pity when they found out that I am expecting boy #2. Where are my boy mamas at? You all know exactly what I am talking about! Makes me want to rip my hair out.

beckham big bro

I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there- NO-I DID NOT WANT A GIRL. I know this may be shocking to some people but I have always felt like I was meant to be a boy mama. This doesn’t mean I never want a little girl or that I dislike little girls but if my husband and I are lucky enough to have more children in the future..maybe we will  have a little girl but this time around I had no desire. If I never have a little girl.. I will be totally fine with that. Being a boy mama is the only world I know. Why is that so hard for people to comprehend?  Drives me nuts. I shouldn’t have to cringe when someone asked me the sex of this baby when they already know I have a little boy. My face can’t be pretty when they give me that unwanted look of pity. Believe me- the first thing that came to mind when I found out I was having a boy the first (and second)  time was..No weddings to pay for, no whining, no brattiness ( is that even a word?) no hormonal moody teenager who will bump heads with me so hard that I’m not sure either one of us would survive because honestly, I barely survived my own teenage years with my own mother. We are both alive and well and I’m not sure how!

So yes- I totally understand why some people would want to have 1 of each sex but I’m A-okay with my boys. Maybe one day I’ll get to spend excessive amounts of cash on hair bows, pink tutu’s, princess stuff and god know what else because lets face it- girl stuff is FREAKIN cute..way cuter than boy stuff and that is a fact.

But for now- I’m okay with anything and everything blue. After seeing how my house was transformed after having one boy…cant wait to see it after 2 ( Help!)  Every single wall in the house has scuffs/dents and sticky hand prints. My hardwood floors show every single spec of dirt which would make one think I have never vacuumed or mopped the floors before. The bathroom smells like pee no matter how much it gets cleaned or what plug-in scent I use and the toilet and walls have permanent spray marks. My two small dogs live in constant fear of the mad man in the super hero costume chasing them around ultimately trying to kill them…I feel for them but it’s keeping them young I must say! Farting is a common past time in our household and nothing makes us laugh more! The playroom is overflowing with monster trucks, dinosaurs, and  all kind of scary looking toys. I do laundry every single day and if you came over you would think it hadn’t been done in months. I am no match for the amount of dirt that comes along with a boy. Being a boy mama is not for the faint of hear that is for sure. The amount of scraped knees, cuts and black eyes is enough to toughen up any mama up real quick!

While my house is almost never clean it is filled with SO much love. There is something about a boy’s love that is so different and pure. They play hard and love hard. Most of the time they are rough and tough and just down right disgusting but there are those special moments where they just want their Mama. Dad will always be the cool one but I am his go to, his safe place and I can’t wait for all of this boy love times TWO. I still don’t know how I got so lucky to be a mama of not only two babies..but two boys? I truly struck gold and I could not be more blessed!

Just a few more months until we add more blue into our world. He is so longed for and we are ready to love him hard.

P.S. He does have a name…I promise 🙂


I Came aross the most perfect song the other day that took my hormonal self over the edge! Go ahead Boy Mama’s, get your tissues out! ❤

Lee Brice- Boy

Until Next Time…




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