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pregnancy loss

In the summer of 2012, my husband and I decided that we were more than ready to start our family. I could have never imagined the journey that was ahead of us. After months of not conceiving, my emotions started getting the best of me. I decided to start this blog for myself. A place I could come and write whatever I was thinking and feeling at the time. I also decided that depending on how our journey went, I could share our trials and tribulations with our friends and family.

  In January of 2013, after many failed attempts of trying to conceive naturally, I sought out professional help and was told that my body was not ovulating and there was no way that we would be able to conceive on our own, we were devastated and had just  taken our first steps into the world of infertility drugs. Much to our surprise I ended up pregnant that same month and it truly was a miracle. Unfortunately, we lost the baby around 9 weeks and were heartbroken.

This blog started out as a way for me to vent and keep family and friends in the loop of our journey and  it quickly turned into something that was bigger than that. I had no idea how many people I knew that had gone through or were going through infertility and or miscarriages. I had so many women reach out to me and tell me they related to my posts and that my blog was helping them cope. I felt so empowered and continue to write whatever came to my mind. I hid nothing and spoke the truth. Helping others was the only thing that kept me positive.

After months of grieving of our loss and desperately trying to fill the empty void that was in our lives, we conceived our son in June of 2013. I continued to document my pregnancy and all the emotions(fear & joy) I was experiencing.


February 24th, 2014 was the day our lives changed forever. Every hope and dream I once had came true. We met our son, Beckham Parker McSwain. I plan to continue to document my experience as a first time mom and promise to hold nothing back!




Thank you for following along through all the ups and downs of my journey to motherhood and my first few years as a new mom!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Katie,
    I wanted to let you know how happy (not the right word) to have found your blog. My husband and I got married in November and got pregnant in late February. We learned at our 12 week appointment that I had miscarried sometime between 8-10 weeks and had a D&C on following days. I have been searching for some peace and finally found your blog!!! THANK YOU!!! Reading it confirms for me that my feelings, frustrations, moments are normal, I hadn’t yet had that feeling. THANK YOU!! and my thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey!

    • Katie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I remember feeling the exact same way and blogging has allowed me to be real with myself and except my feelings as well as help others going through the same thing. I hope you will continue reading and dont hesitate to ask me anything!

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